When you see a good move,
look for a better one.

Churakids Chess Club offers an engaging environment where children can enjoy chess and other strategic games like Rubik’s Cube. We focus on enhancing logical thinking, decision-making, and communication skills through the game. Beginners are welcome, with staff support in both English and Japanese. Join us for a fun and enriching experience!

Vision of Churakids Chess Club

Our Chess Club is a hub for children to enjoy chess while developing strategic thinking. Chess is an excellent tool for teaching patience, foresight, and the importance of careful consideration. We aim to deepen the understanding of strategy and problem-solving through chess, helping children build meaningful relationships and develop a global mindset.

Beginners Are Welcome

No experience in chess? No problem. The Churakids Chess Club is beginner-friendly, offering support in learning the game’s basics. Embrace new challenges and confidently improve your strategic skills with us!

Overcoming Language Barriers

Children of various linguistic backgrounds participate in our Chess Club. Language differences are not a barrier here. Centered around the game, children naturally engage and communicate, sharing the universal language of chess. Experience the unique blend of cultures and languages with new friends.

Club Overview

Target Age 5 to 16 years
Day/Time Saturdays 9:30-11:00 AM
Participation Fee 500 JPY per child
How to Participate No membership or reservation required. Feel free to come directly to the classroom anytime during the session hours.
Schedule Notes Please check the calendar for the schedule. Follow us on Twitter and our official LINE account for announcements on irregular holidays.




2-14-2 Kaiho, Okinawa City (next to Manta Park)


入会が不要 都度参加費(または無料)