This is a Japanese class aimed for children who are do not speak Japanese as their first language or for bilingual children. Through songs, videos, games and activities we will learn the words and expressions used in everyday life. We also aim to build communication skills as well as create a global perspective by regularly conducting activities with Japanese children of the same age.


Age: 3 to 10 years old
Dates: Every Tuesday and Thursday
Class Time: 16:10-16:50
Location: 2-14-2 Kaiho, Okinawa City
Entry Fee 5,000 Yen
*one time only
*includes first work book and t-shirts
ONCE a week Monthly Fee 7,500Yen
Twice a week Monthly Fee 12,000Yen

* Bank transfer or credit card (PayPal) can be used as payment method.
* Consumption tax will be added separately to the prices above.

The 3 classes listed below are free of charge if enrolled in Japanese class.


Soccer Class (Wednesday)

kids soccer class

Yoga Club (Friday)

Kids Yoga Class

Choir Club (Every other Saturday)

Kids Choir