Web Design/Programming Class


Churakids is offering a computer and web design class to elementary and junior high school students. The class will begin with basic operation of a personal computer and then progress through internet usage, typing skills, graphic design, and finally programming. The class will be taught in English. Our instructors are actual web designers and programmers.

It starts from the basic operations and basic knowledge of the Internet of the personal computer, touch typing (English / Japan statement type), and graphic design, the acquisition of programming skills and goals. Classes will use the Japanese / English, depending on the content. Since the active Web designer / programmer in the teachers also enrolled, you can learn more practical skills.

Beginner’s Class (Recommended for Elementary School Grades 1 through 4)

Course Length: 12 months

  • PC Basics (powering on / using the operating system)
  • Typing (goal: 15 words per minute using the home keys)
  • Microsoft Word / Excel (typing / fonts / saving)
  • Foundations of Design (simple graphics and illustrations)
  • Foundations of Photo Editing (trimming / mask processing)
  • Internet Basics (browser / e-mail / search engine)
  • Basic Programming with Scratch

Intermediate Class (Recommended for Grades 3 through 6)


Course Length: 12 months

  • Intermediate PC Usage (file and folder management / shortcuts)
  • Typing (goal: 25 words per minute)
  • Microsoft Word / Excel Intermediate (formatting / data entry / formulas)
  • Adobe Illustrator Basics (graphics / logo production)
  • Adobe Photoshop Basics (photo manipulation / retouching)
  • Intermediate Internet Usage (data storage / working with forms)
  • Foundations of Webpage Creation (image upload / HTML)
  • Intermediate Programming with Scratch

Senior Class (Recommended for Grades 4 through 8)

Course Length: 12 months

  • Advanced PC Usage (software installation / CPU and hardware)
  • Typing (goal: 35 words per minute)
  • Microsoft Word / Excel Advanced (functions / charts & graphs / print settings)
  • Adobe Illustrator Applications (bezier curves / effect processing)
  • Adobe Photoshop Applications (advanced retouching / image manipulation / automation)
  • Advanced Internet Usage (using plugins / anti-virus software)
  • Webpage Applications (FTP operations / publishing a homepage)

Student Journals


Teru U. (6th grade)

I like drawing pictures so it was fun to learn painting using software. Programming was little hard for me but it was very interesting because I could animate my drawings. I would like to make a game someday.
  • My favorite part : Drawing and coloring with the computer!
  • The hardest part : Animating with objects
  • My next goal : I want to make program the ability to avoid obstacles with a jump

Class Summary

Appropriate age
Elementary through Junior High School
Admission Fee
10,000Yen (Pay only once)
12,000yen / 1 month
Class Time
Monday Class) 17:00-18:30
* 90 minutes (44 times a year)

* Consumption tax will be added separately to the above price. Monthly lesson fee can be paid by PayPal.

Photo Gallery


Is that ok my child can't speak any Japanese?
Are there prerequisites for this course?
Do we need to bring a laptop?
What software will you use?
If we cannot attend one day, is a refund possible?
Do we need to buy any software?