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This month we will offer free trial lessons with the following schedule. Those who wish to apply please fill out the necessary items and submit. We will close it as soon as it becomes capacity. Please see the details of each class at links below.

* If you are submitting more than one child, please complete one form for each child.
* For those who wish to try private lessons, please contact us from Facebook.

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    5/22(Sat)16:20 Robot(5-12y/o)5/25(Tue)15:30 Japanese(for adults)5/25(Tue)16:20 Japanese(6-12y/o)5/26(Wed)15:30 Soccer(2-3y/o *with mommy)5/26(Wed)16:20 Soccer(4-7y/o)6/1(Tue)15:30 Japanese(for adults)6/1(Tue)16:20 Japanese(6-12y/o)6/2(Wed)15:30 Soccer(2-3y/o *with mommy)6/2(Wed)16:20 Soccer(4-7y/o)6/19(Sat)16:20 Robot(5-12y/o)7/13(Tue)16:20 Japanese(6-12y/o)

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