Summer Camp 2017!


It’s our 4th anniversary for Churakids Summer School! This year we will be camping for three days and two nights! (If your child doesn’t want to stay the night, you can pick them up in the evening and bring them back in the morning.) We will be hosting a wide variety of activities that can be enjoyed with Japanese kids of the same age. Children who are experienced or first time Japanese learners are all welcome to come and have a blast while also improving their language skills. Come join us for a summer of fun! 🙂


What’s Churakids Summer Camp?

Indoors, there will be a variety of activities to participate in such as arts and crafts, laboratory experiments, and cooking! Outdoors, we will play a traditional Japanese game, called “Suikawari” that involves splitting a watermelon with a stick while being blindfolded. There will also be sports, games, and more! Since we are camping this year, we will also take on the challenge of outdoor cooking! 🙂

Activity example

  • Japanese lesson
  • Workbook
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Cooking
  • Science Experiment
  • Water Gun Fight
  • Watermelon Split
  • Fireworks
  • Campfire
  • Outdoor cooking
  • Knotting ropes
  • Orienteering

*Plans may change due to the weather

Photos from last year












Is it okay if I can’t speak Japanese?
I'd like to participate, but I am worried about staying overnight · · ·
I am not participating with my friends but by myself, is it okay?
I'd like to join with my friends, can we be in the same group?
I do not meet the age requirements, is it possible to participate?
Can parents participate?
Can we see the state of the camp?
If I cancel, will there be a refund?
My child will be staying alone for the first time, is it okay?


●August 1(Tue)
・Meet: Okinawa City Culture Plaza 10:00
・Stay: Churakids
●August 2(Wed)
・Stay: Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park
●August 3(Thu)
・Pick up: Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park 14:00
Meet Location
Okinawa City Culture Plaza
Okinawa-ken, Okinawa-shi, Takahara, 7-35-1
Pick Up Location(Last Day)
Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park
6-12 years old
30 Children (Application deadline is July 26)
* If we exceed the capacity before the due date, we will close the application at that time.
Entry Fee
38,000YEN (41,040YEN total including tax)
*There will be a 10% discount for the second child, and a 20% discount for the third child when participating with siblings.

Lesson Pickup Time
Please understand that parents must pickup their child at the respective venue. The meet-up location on the first day is at the Okinawa City Culture Plaza located in Okinawa City. The pickup location on day 3 is at Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park in Hiyagon. This location is about a 20 minute drive from Kadena AB, please plan accordingly.

Personal Belongings
We will be informing you which personal items we recommend bringing to each actitity. Please note that we cannot assume responsibility for loss, damage, or theft of personal items brought to the activities.

Accidents and Injuries
We do our absolute best to take care of our students during our activities, but unfortunately sometimes accidents do occur. We cannot assume legal responsibility for such incidents. Please also be sure to inform us of any medical conditions your child may have, such as asthma or allergies.

We cannot issue refunds or credit for cancellations after applycation dead line July 24.