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Our piano classes teach students the basics of the piano in a cross-cultural environment which brings together American and Japanese students. We cover a comprehensive range of musical ability encouraging expression and imagination. We also do ensemble performances and yearly recitals. All classes are taught in English.


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Course outline

From basic exercises of piano, such as form and key strokes, fingering techniques and reading notes, we will conduct lessons that include rhythm training using percussion and solfege. Learning piano together with students of different backgrounds stimulates the exchange of cultural values and ideas. Students of intermediate skill and above are also welcome!

3-12 years old
Every Thursday or Saturday
Depends on which age group. (40min/1class)
Churakids [map] 2-14-2, Kaiho, Okinawa-city

Group Lesson

英語ピアノ教室グループレッスンThis group lesson will be taught with a minimum of 2 students and a maximum of 5. Each student is equipped with one electronic piano so that children can practice all together at the same time. This course is recommended for children up to elementary school as well as preschool children who have never touched a piano before.

Individual Lesson

英語ピアノ教室Individual lessons are private lessons that consist of one lecturer and one student. Without worrying about other students, your child will be provided with detailed guidance and will be able to set goals according to their skill level.


ピアノ教室 発表会We practice with the end goal of performing at events in front of an audience. Performances are held together with on base music schools, so there are plenty of opportunities to interact with other students through music.



Entry Fee
11,000YEN (*includes first work book)
Group Lesson
Monthly Fee 7,150YEN

Monthly lesson fee is paid by PayPal or Japanese bank.

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