Field Trip – Aug 10, 2016

Field Trip 遠足

This morning we had a field trip together with American and Japanese students!

バス遠足 プラネタリウム

Today we went to “3D Space Walk” at the Urasoe Art Museum. This event is here only for the month of August. We learned a lot about the progress of science from technology for space exploration, and expanded our minds as we began to understand the size of the universe! Everyone was very curious about space and we wrote down what we learned. What a great experience! 🙂

バス遠足 プラネタリウム

And it was good experience for Japanese kids to ride on a big American school bus for the first time! It was all very exciting and everyone had a lot of fun on the way to the museum. Big thanks to “Shima-no-ko School Age”, can’t wait for our next event together! 🙂

バス遠足 プラネタリウム

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