Churakids Cooking Club Vol.3 “Pumpkin Pudding”

Here is Cooking Club Vol.3! Halloween is right around the corner so this time we decided to challenge making Pumpkin pudding! There are various ways to make pudding, such as steaming, refrigerating, or baking, but this time we tried the method of using gelatin to cool and harden the pudding. There are no eggs in the ingredients so it is safe for those with allergies! The recipe is really easy to follow so your children can recreate it for you at home! 🙂

Cooking Club Vol.3 "かぼちゃプリン"

Photo Gallery – AM Class

Photo Gallery – PM Class


Recipe Video

This is a step-by-step video for how to make pumpkin pudding! After the recipe, you can check out kids from the cooking class recreating the recipe 🙂