Churakids Choir


Churakids Choir aims to teach Japanese conversation skills while singing together with local Japanese kids of the same age and to help kids learn more about Japanese and the culture through songs.


Song is the basis of music

Singing is a form of music that you express with your body. Learning how rhythm and pitch works will help develop the understanding of various music genres and how to play instruments. By singing lyrics in both Japanese and English together with Japanese kids of the same age, we hope to globalize kids by learning the languages and cultures of each other’s countries.


Event / Recital

During the Christmas season we will hold events and recitals together with Churakids piano class. By setting common goals for everyone, it helps motivate to work harder during practices.


5-12 years old

Dates & Time
Every Saturday 18:00-19:20 (80min)
*44times per a year

Admission Fee
5,000Yen (Pay only once)
*50% discount for Churakids members (Robot class, Piano class, Web design/Programming class, Soccer class)

Lesson Fee (Ticket System)
4 Lessons Ticket 5,600JPY (1,400JPY/Lesson)
8 Lessons Ticket 9,600JPY (1,200JPY/Lesson)
12 Lessons Ticket 12,000JPY (1,000JPY/Lesson)

* Bank transfer or credit card (PayPal) can be used as payment method.
* Consumption tax will be added separately to the prices above.
* The ticket’s expiration date is 90 days from the day you last used.

There are no fees for text books and other materials. However, depending on the event or recital, there may an additional participation fee or uniform cost. In this case, we will inform you in advance.

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