Chess Club


We are Churakids Chess Club. We host a chess club every Saturday, appropriate for ages 5 to 12. We would love for English speakers to join us! You do not need to know Japanese or have any experience in Chess. Come and engage in the social and competitive aspects of this always fascinating game.


Every Saturday 9:30-11:30am
600yen / One session(2hrs)
Road Station Kadena, Restaurant on the 2nd Floor

Located directly north of Kadena Airbase, Road Station Kadena is our meeting place every Saturday morning. You can find it by following Route 58 North to Kadena and making a right at Rotary Plaza. The road station will be on your left after about 2km. See below for a map.

We meet in the restaurant on the second floor. There is a nice view and a large menu available, with coffee, toast, and sandwiches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the age limit for your Chess Club?
What if my child cannot play chess?
What language is the instruction done in?
Do you have any weekday sessions?
Is a membership or reservation required?
Is it ok to come late?
How do I pay the participation fee?
When is your day off?
Where can I purchase a chess set locally?

Our Goal


The main goal of our chess club is to enjoy the game of chess while improving communication skills and critical thinking at all levels. Also chess gives children a valuable approach to learn and use reasoning to solve problems. These skills carry over to positively influence all areas educational development. Feel free to join us anytime!



The National Scholastic Chess Foundation states that teaching chess to children is hugely beneficial since it encourages critical thinking in comprehension, analysis, and evaluation. In addition it also raises self-esteem and fosters determination, perseverence, and responsibility. The rules in chess help cultivate an atmosphere of concentration and taking responsibility for one’s actions. Most importantly, chess is fun and provides a unique way to learn socialization skills that transcend cultures and age gaps.



If you are a more experienced player, we can delve into some deeper strategies to better hone your skills. We can get into chess notation and manually recording game moves. There are chess puzzles that can be studied or worked on at home. Try to test your mettle against one of our seasoned teachers! One good player always sharpens another! “A strong memory, concentration, imagination, and a strong will are required to become a great chess player.” – Bobby Fischer

Please join in any Saturday. Feel free to contact us through the button below with any question you might have.