Aqua Learning 2016!


We all had a lot of fun at Aqua-Learning 2016! For day one we had introductory swimming lessons at B&G Marine Center in Uruma City. It was a hot day, but everyone did their best in the water!


English Swimming Instruction

Our youngest ones were the first to become accustomed to the water. We began with basic legstrokes on a kickboard, back floating, then gradually began putting our faces underwater. Some were scared at first, but with encouragement everyone got the hang of it! For the second half we played a treasure hunt game underwater. It was a lot of fun and everyone began to feel at home in the water!


The older students had alot of energy and were eager to get started! First, we did some basic practice using the kickboard followed by the crawl and breaststroke. We then progressed to diving practice before finishing off with an underwater game of tag and a race! 🙂


Two and half hours passed very quickly! Everyone learned something from the teachers, and boosted their confidence in the water. Next week is our snorkeling and island exploration adventure! We can't wait! 🙂


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